Consulting, Training, Coaching and Speaking

I help nonprofit organizations thrive and grow
with proven leadership development and coaching.

Nonprofit Consulting

Raise more money faster and easier with Robin. As a Professional Fundraising Consultant living in Vail, Colorado, she is committed to excellence in management procedures for board members, directors and staff. Robin has direct experience in most every position within nonprofit organizations and the talent to deliver real life techniques that work!

Her consulting begins with an organizational assessment where she evaluates 22 different areas of your nonprofit including organizational structure, gift model, donor portfolio, database management, board governance, financial structure, etc. She then creates a plan for the nonprofit to follow along with documents that she will help you develop to be effective and sustainable.

Contact Robin to discuss your current status and how she can help you reach the next level of success for your nonprofit.

Speaking, Virtual Presentations and Online Programs

Robin is an accomplished speaker delivering virtual presentations, in-person keynotes and breakout sessions. She has been a member of the National Speakers Association for over 25 years as she has been honing her craft and learning from the best speakers in the world. She is a certified virtual presenter.

She will customize the topic for your audience bringing in her decades of experience working with nonprofits, associations and corporate audiences. You will be amazed with her skill of getting the audience involved even in virtual presentations as well as in-person.

Set up a time to talk so she can show you what it will look and feel like for your group or staff.

Virtual Presentations

Robin has over a decade of experience doing virtual events. Her programs are informative, fun and engaging. Many people comment that they felt like they were in the same room with her. In her 10-week interview series, she talked to nonprofit experts about their experiences of managing through a crisis. Virtually all attendees gave each one rave reviews and stayed for the entire session each time. Give her a call to find out how she can emcee or host your event, deliver a virtual keynote or training session using her experience and vast knowledge.

Online Programs

The online programs that Robin created are unlike any other that you have experienced. She challenges you to think about new ideas from her experiences. The programs are in bite-sized doable pieces that deliver information that you need to be successful in a nonprofit. It includes short video segments, learning activities to apply the concepts and a live, weekly group coaching session with Robin. Contact her to find out when the next one begins.

Watch a sample virtual presentation


It is people who make things happen! It is the people in your organization who deliver on critical issues and they must be innovative and responsive to change. Your people determine whether your donors are loyal or not. And it is up to the leaders to transform the organizational culture so that the real power of the people in it can be unleashed! 

Robin customizes the coaching based on the needs of each organization and each person in the nonprofit. Regular meetings help each person work through a process with specific goals to achieve before the next call.

When coaching fundraisers, Robin helps them capitalize on their strengths and develop a workable plan to raise more money and have fun doing it.

When coaching Executive Directors, CEO’s, Presidents and other members of the leadership team she uses The Leadership Development Process. It consists of a series of modules focused on completing self-assessments and building skills with on-the-job application exercises between each training module. Each person develops their skills in coaching and performance management that they need to perform at the top of their game. This program concentrates on the use of measurement tools to ensure that measurable results are achieved. Profiles determine employee competencies, work environment and team effectiveness. 

Behavior change takes time. Especially behavior developed from a lifetime of habit. Only an ongoing process of development will produce sustainable results.


In the development world that is a continual churn of employees from one organization to another. Which results in many times people begin working in a nonprofit with no prior nonprofit experience. Executive Directors are even promoted into the position without the training needed to be effective.

Robin uses her decades of experience designing and leading trainings to teach people in nonprofits everything that they need to know to be successful. She has coached new employees on landing a position in a nonprofit or even being promoted to executive director with the caveat that they are allocated the money to have Robin train them to be successful.

Training with Robin is fun and very informative. Call her today to get started to get your staff trained.

If you are concerned that if you spend the time and money to train them, that they will leave. Think about if you don’t train them and the stay!

What Clients are Saying


 “. . . you gave each employee insights into their roles within our organization to make them much more effective team members. They have responded to your training sessions by being more creative and confident.”

Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

Lisa Mattis, Chief Executive Officer

Robin was part of the marketing sub-committee with Eagle County Gives and was instrumental in getting the word out in the community about giving on Colorado Gives Day through volunteering her expertise and being responsible for Public Relations. Thanks to the community outpouring of gifts, we raised over $1 million! I would highly recommend that Robin receive the VVP Community Impact Award for all that she has done in the valley and will continue to do!

Vail Valley Charitable Fund

Brooke Skjonsby, Executive Director

During this last year, Robin volunteered her time and expertise to be co-chair of the Eagle River Presbyterian Church Stewardship Committee. She and her co-chair, Dan Pennington, made a huge difference in taking our stewardship to the next level. I would recommend Robin as making a difference in our community and deserving of the VVP Community Impact Award!

Eagle River Presbyterian Church

Pastor Rob Wilson

“Robin is a great asset to the local nonprofit community! I have participated in the Nonprofit
Learning Series and am continually inspired by the teaching and comradery that happens with
the local nonprofits getting together and learning. Robin has made an impact by being willing to
help all of us by offering her advice. She is always willing to spend a little extra time, have a cup
of coffee and give us great ideas.”

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Nicola Ripley, Executive Director

“Through our work with Robin, we raised over $650,000 in less than two weeks! She helped guide and lead us by providing expert advice on moving forward with raising money with potential donors by writing a case statement, development plan and appeal letters.”


Dr. Barbara Freeman, Creator/Team Leader

Robin did a Staffing Structure Evaluation. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and found it extremely valuable.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Nicola Ripley, Executive Director

With 139 evaluation forms received, Robin was rated 4.91 for Content and 4.98 for Presentation on a scale of 5.0 as Excellent.

International Facility Management Association


“Robin’s presentation on Making Work Fun was outstanding and right on the money. The attendees all raved about how much fun they had and how impressed they were with her enthusiasm and delivery. We were privileged to have Robin as our guest speaker.”

International Facilities Management Association Capital Chapter

Mark Schnurr, CCIFMA Chair, Programs Committee