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Professional speaker, trainer and coach with nonprofit expertise
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Robin is the author of the book, Know Stress to No Stress—A Guide to Achieving Life Balance. Her current book (pending publication) is called Fundraising Fundamentals: A fun, step-by-step guide to raising more money, faster.


Robin has consulted with many nonprofits in Vail, Colorado and across the U.S. as well as Fortune 500 companies. She holds a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy. Her passion is fundraising consulting for nonprofit organizations. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, a volunteer with the Vail Valley Partnership Nonprofit Network and a Colorado Nonprofit Association Member.

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Robin has an extensive list of speaking topics for Nonprofit and Association audiences. She is skilled at motivating others to achieve consistent results by authentically relating to personal and professional goals.

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Robin is continually learning has taught graduate level Effective Leadership class in an MBA program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management teaching leadership classes for an MBA program. She has programs approved for HRCI credits through the Society of Human Resource Management. With over a decade of fundraising experience and more than 20 years as a professional speaker and trainer, and five years of direct leadership experience in nonprofits, she understands how to create and present effective programs.

Robin Thompson

President, Professional Keynote Speaker, Fundraising Consultant and Coach, Robin is a collaborative and trusted leader with innate ability to foster long term relationships, develop leadership, and create positive employee relations. Very adept at fostering employee engagement and retention attributes and strategies to involve maximum participation at all levels. Skilled in motivating others to achieve consistent results by authentically relating to personal and professional goals. Consultant to nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies and has a unique ability to transfer knowledge, concepts and best practices with outstanding results.

Results You Can Expect

Robin Helps People:

  • Feel encouraged and motivated
  • Have fun learning and growing stronger
  • Encourage EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT and create an atmosphere of trust

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