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We raised over $500,000 to preserve Hardscrabble Ranch in just over two months! Robin’s professionalism, fundraising insights, and never-say-die attitude is what every successful campaign needs.

Jim Daus

Executive Director, Eagle Valley Land Trust

After working with Robin we raised 20% more money. It took our fundraising to a proactive and strategic approach.

Seth Ehrlich

Executive Director, SOS Outreach

Company Background

More than 25 years ago, Robin Thompson founded her company on four cornerstones:

  • Awareness
  • Trust
  • Spirit
  • Accountability

Today, this is the foundation that continues to fuel our passion and pursuit of excellence to help our clients be successful.

Many hundreds of clients later, Robin continues to help people become more aware, learn to trust and honor one another, rebuild their team spirit and become accountable for their success or lack thereof. Call or email us today for a free consultation on how we can help you, too.

Why You Should Work With Robin

Robin raised $2.4 million in six months, which was more than had been raised in the past several years combined, for a stalled capital campaign to receive a $1 million challenge grant. She accomplished that success starting with a staff of 1.3 people that had been slashed from 11 people because of budget cuts.

Whether your organization is a large or small nonprofit, Robin has the expertise to design a program that will improve your prospects and keep your valued team focused and productive. She has spoken to hundreds and worked one-on-one to educate, motivate, and cultivate an environment where positive results happen!

Learn more: Robin’s Bio and Resume

Empowering People

Robin gets results by empowering people within nonprofit organizations. Robin unleashes the creativity of executive teams and boards to find optimal solutions with clarity and purpose. Her decades of experience working with organizations as a consultant, speaker, trainer and coach, and her tenure as Vice President of a public university and executive director of nonprofit organizations, have refined her ability to achieve successes through collaboration and commitment. She brings out the best in her clients!

Leadership Experience
Robin has supervised staff, managed volunteers, and coached board members in her role as an Executive Director of foundations. She has led a marketing department, facilitated strategic planning, and been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. The graduate students in her executive MBA program rate her skill teaching leadership courses as one of the best. Participants in her presentations and workshops consistently give excellent evaluations. She is a natural at engaging others!
Education & Training
Robin finds a way to take our jobs seriously, but ourselves lightly. She earned a Master’s Degree in Recreation Therapy from the University of Utah along with an undergraduate degree in Human Resources and Education. She builds trust and team spirit by helping everyone to be aware of and accountable for their role in the organization’s success. Principles from her book, Know Stress to NO Stress – A Guide to Achieving Life Balance, motivate her and others to meet and exceed their goals. With a desire for community service in mind, she completed her Fundraising Management Certification from Indiana University School of Philanthropy.