The K-12 Playbook to
Data-Driven Fundraising

Raising money for K-12 schools can be challenging in normal times. But the pandemic added another layer of difficulty to fundraising. In this webinar, learn ideas to apply what has worked in the past to the current environment. The whole world has seen the burden schools have carried over the past year and tapping into constituents outside of your tight-knit school community can propel your fundraising efforts forward.
This eBook will help you assess your fundraising performance using the science of data-driven fundraising and the art of applying it. Then a 360-degree Fundraising Strategic Appraisal can be created to determine your optimal future direction and success.

You’ll learn to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of fundraising
    that still work.
  • Understand a system to set and establish
    achievable fundraising priorities.
  • Identify strategies to use the science and
    art of fundraising.
  • Evaluate your school’s readiness

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