Fundraising and Donation Terms

Fundraising Consultant

My primary focus is on helping non-profit organizations thrive and grow.
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

I believe great leaders can help transform an organization’s culture. I help build great leaders.
Strategy puzzle pieces

Corporate Consultant

I teach employees and leaders the skills needed to stay motivated and reach personal and professional goals.
Nonprofit Consulting

Through Robin’s work with nonprofits, she helps them raise more money faster. As a Professional Fundraising Consultant living in Vail, Colorado, she is committed to making a positive difference for those who need it. Robin helps charitable organizations help people by advising nonprofits like yours on how to raise funds more effectively.

Let’s talk about your needs. Contact Robin to discuss your current status and how she can help you reach the next level in fundraising success.

Become an Employer of Choice: Leadership skills training 12-module course
It is people who make things happen! It is the people in your organization who deliver on critical issues and they must be innovative and responsive to change. Your people determine whether your customers are loyal or not. And it is up to the leaders to transform the organizational culture so that the real power of the people in it can be unleashed! The Leadership Development Process is an investment in all your employees. It consists of a series of modules focused on building skills over an over a 12 to 24 month time frame with on-the-job application exercises between each training module. The managers take what they are learning and use it to develop their people, and create an environment where people want to work. As the managers develop their skills in coaching and performance management, your employees will receive the development and the motivation they need to perform at the top of their game. The Leadership Development Process was developed to address the need to: – Attract and retain talented people – Have employees accept responsibility for quality, productivity and customer satisfaction – Be innovative and respond quickly to change – Get the best performance possible from your work force – Develop leaders that truly empower employees This program concentrates on the use of measurement tools to ensure that measurable results are achieved. Profiles determine employee competencies, work environment and team effectiveness. Behavior change takes time. Especially behavior developed from a lifetime of habit. Only an ongoing process of development will produce sustainable results.

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