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    Tresure Hunt

Have a treasure hunt throughout the entire meeting. Clues can be found from each speaker who will have a “piece of the puzzle.” There will also be clues placed in each person’s registration kit and underneath chairs in the general session. Attendees will have to ask other people what they heard in each other’s session. It’s fun and will drastically increase networking.
    Conference On A Bag

In the registration kits, provide the attendees with a small white paper bag and a small box of crayons. Encourage them to create their view of the overall conference, or illustrate this year’s theme, or provide ideas for next year’s meeting. Have the creations submitted before the end of the conference in a display area for everyone to see. Have a committee award prizes for the most creative.

As the conference begins have people get into groups of six to eight people. Everyone introduces themselves by their favorite leisure activity that begins with the first letter of their first name. For instance, I would be Rollerblading Robin. Each person says their moniker and name and repeats everyone elses in their group. Voile! Everyone instantly has six to eight new friends.

As the general session is beginning have people form groups of six to eight people. Everyone writes on the back of an index card a nickname they had in the past, one that they have right now or one that they’ve always wanted to have. The cards are passed to the designated group leader (designate group leaders by smallest shoe size, youngest person or most children). The group leader calls out the nickname and everyone in the group tries to guess who belongs to which nickname. Have them write their nickname on their name tag. It helps people remember other people’s name or nickname and forms new relationships. Keep track of which group got the most right answers and give them a prize.

*source: The Big Book of Business Games by Ed Scannell, CMP
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